Close Protection

Ace Close Protection Agency Security Services

The security industry is vast but only true and qualified professionals are capable and can take responsibility for the protection of a person, their family, their business, their travel and their assets. ACPASS provide a solution where responsibilities are needed in one or all of these fields.

ACPASS offers a close protection solution to meet your requirements; from working unseen in the background to a fully managed mobile and residential team covering national or international environments.

Corporations, Small Businesses and Private individuals face an ever-increasing threat from terrorists, criminals, racists and the mentally unstable. When a situation such as kidnapping, assassination, blackmail, industrial espionage and publicity arises the need for Close Protection is paramount.

Close Protection operations are often of an extremely sensitive nature. After carrying out a detailed security/threat assessment ACPASS will produce a comprehensive and cost effective strategy, ensuring the client can carry out their everyday activities secure in the knowledge that their well-being is under the close observation of our operatives who will conduct themselves professionally and discreetly respecting the law, cultural, political and religious environments in which they are required to work

ACPASS Security Consultants utilize both male and female officers who are SIA qualified, and CRB checked, and are highly trained and dedicated in this specialised area. Our Close Protection officers (Bodyguards) are individuals who work as a team, it is through effective teamwork and continual in-house training that operational objectives are achieved and client’s expectations are exceeded.

Clients can only carry out their duties/family life properly if they are adequately protected!

Contact ACPASS for further information: 07968913241

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