Ace Close Protection Agency Security Services

At ACPASS we offer the latest in security training available, our training team are all active on the Close Protection circuit, employed at the highest levels of executive security.  This working experience is combined with an excellent ability to teach others in the latest skills available.

D.M.L –
MD of ACPASS, A much sought-after and highly regarded operative/instructor, with over 40 years experience in the close protection/security industry, a former senior NCO in the elite forces, having protected heads of state, royalty, politicians, and a host of business executives worldwide with a vast knowledge of training police forces, embassy personnel, and military world wide, with all of his clients being in the high-risk category. Master trainer in physical intervention.

P.E – 
A highly qualified close protection operative/trainer a former NCO in the elite forces, a master in close quarter combat, and physical intervention (see the “Combat Course”)

I.J – 
A highly qualified Close Protection operative/trainer a former NCO in the elite forces, specialises in surveillance, and all security/close protection disciplines.

M.P –
Close protection operative/trainer, has been employed at all levels within the security industry, has his own Door supervisors company.

C.A –
A former Liverpool police officer and professional boxer/trainer, having trained and managed seven world boxing champions, known to the television media as the boxing Guru, specialises in security/training, consultancy and intelligence. Master trainer in physical intervention.

S.M –
A man with vast experience in the security training industry, with every qualification available.

R.T –
A former S.B. officer, hostage negotiator, and an expert on intelligence

All of ACPASS Team strike a fine balance between carrying out operational roles in the sucurity/close protection areas and the training of others.

 Get trained by trainers, who have not only done it, still doing it, and know how to pass the skills and information on to the students!

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