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Surveillance Services & Specialists
Staff at ACPASS have been trained under the most exacting conditions were accurate, succinct reporting has to be carried out in potentially dangerous situations.

This includes both mobile surveillance services in vehicles and static surveillance of locations. In a mobile role, our private detectives are available to follow subjects on foot and in cars. Normally it will be possible to obtain photography of people entering and leaving premises, meeting others or use photography to see if they are injured or have any apparent disability.

You receive video or photo evidence on the subject's movements, activities, interaction with other people compiled into a concise report sent to you by email every surveillance day.

You may consider the use of surveillance in one of these situations:

Insurance Fraud
An employee or visitor to your company claims to have been injured on your premises. They press for litigation and significant sums of money arise. Surveillance provides objective evidence to prove or disprove the disability. The fact that it is a highly visible and obvious form of evidence means that it can puncture a prosecution case at a stroke.

Personal & Infidelity / Catching a Cheating Spouse
You may suspect that your partner is not being faithful to you or need objective evidence of what they are really doing and who they are seeing. We deliver the photo and video evidence in a way which cannot be denied.

Covert Video & Audio Surveillance
If an employee is suspected of being less than honest, covert observation provides the objective proof management needs to make decisions. This could be covert surveillance to identify the extent of an injury, or to observe an employee's gait to establish an impediment, or to find out who they are in fact in contact with.

Electronic Sweeps
Modern listening devices are tiny, powerful and easy to place in situ. If someone has access to the target premises for only a short time they could listen to any conversation taking place for the foreseeable future. All this can be easily recorded with covert surveillance equipment. Experts will de-bug your premises using state of the art electronic detectors to optimize your corporate security.

Contact ACPASS for further information: 07968913241

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